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Center for Strategic Leadership


Develops senior leaders and supports the strategic needs of the Army by:

  • Educating senior military and civilian leaders on Landpower at the operational and strategic levels
  • Developing expert knowledge & solutions for the Operating and Generating Force
  • Conducting research activities, strategic exercises and strategic communication


Key to the capability of the CSL is our ability to provide solutions using the project team concept. The CSL has the ability to pull together regional and/or functional teams including core CSL personnel, other members of the USAWC, contractors, think tanks, academic institutions and other Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational organizations. This project team concept allows us to develop a team, accomplish a mission, and then change the team based upon new requirements.

End state

Contribute to the education of world class senior leaders; develop expert knowledge and provide solutions to Army strategic issues affecting the national security community.

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