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U.S. Army War College Representatives speak on the Lehigh Valley's Community NPR Station

The Lehigh Valley Discourse host, Pamela Varkony, spent four days in early June attending the War College's 2016 National Security Seminar. What she learned is the topic on this edition of Lehigh Valley Discourse. Joining Pamela from the U.S. Army War College is BRG George Schwartz, Deputy Commanding General - Reserve Affairs; Dr. Richard A. Lacquement, Jr., Dean; and CSL's own, Professor Bert Tussing, National Security Expert.

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Strategic Cyberspace Operations Guide, 1 June 2016

This publication provides a guide for U.S. Army War College students to understand design, planning, and execution of cyberspace operations at combatant commands (CCMDs), joint task forces (JTFs), and joint functional component commands. It combines existing U.S. Government Unclassified and "Releasable to the Public" documents into a single guide. The guide follows the operational design methodology and the joint operation planning process (JOPP) detailed in Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Operation Planning and applies these principles to the cyberspace domain found in Joint Publication 3-12(R), Cyberspace Operations. It also includes an overview of cyberspace strategies, guidance, and doctrine as well as a description of U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Joint, and Service cyberspace organizations.

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Collins Center Update, Volume 18, Issues 1 & 2

The Collins Center Update is a quarterly newsletter detailing the activities of the Center for Strategic Leadership, United States Army War College. Articles in this double issue include:

  • Facing the Worst Case Scenario: The Military and Law Enforcement in Extreme Crises
  • C/JFLCC Course 2-16
  • Strategic Mission Command: "Growing and Enabling Agile Leadership to Advance U.S. National Security."
  • The U.S. Army War College Strategic Wargame Program
  • ISIS Crisis: A Matrix Wargame
  • Talking the Talk at the School of Strategic Landpower: A Post-9/11 Landpower Appraisal
  • The ISCNE Premiers at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies

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CSL's Prof Alan Bourque and MAJ Jason Warren Honored at the 2016 USAWC Faculty Awards

This year's faculty awards ceremony took place on the 25th of May. The faculty members receiving awards exemplify the very high standards of excellence that characterize the USAWC faculty overall. In all, 48 faculty members were recognized at the ceremony.

Prof Alan Bourque received the General George S. Patton Chair of Operational Research and Analysis. This chair is given to recognize the outstanding performance of a member of the USAWC faculty who has made significant contributions to the study of the strategic and operational levels of war.

MAJ Jason Warren was recognized for an Academic Promotion to Assistant Professor, as well as receiving the Excellence-in-Scholarship (Madigan) Award. This award annually recognizes the best scholarship that addresses topics related to the USAWC curriculum.

The USAWC Strategy Model in Moldova: Developing the Master's Course (Level II PME) for Military and Civilian Professionals

Beginning in 2009, a multinational team of NATO professional military education (PME) experts began providing assistance to the Republic of Moldova's Armed Forces at the Moldovan Military Institute (later Academy (MMA)) in Chisinau. The team's broad purpose was to help the Moldovan military adjust from a Soviet-style military educational system to one that more closely mirrored NATO and Western standards. First was revamping the "Basic Course," followed by the development, from scratch, of a senior officers' course, including a Master's degree (Level II) program, which was completed in a remarkably short time - less than two years between initial brainstorming and course start. That it took a "team effort" goes without saying. While the Moldovans could not have done it alone, MMA was at the epicenter of successful multiple efforts, all designed to modernize its PME to meet the demands of the 21st century operational environment.

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Futures Seminar 2015 - The United States Army in 2025 and Beyond, Vol. 2

The Academic Year 2015 (AY15) Futures Seminar elective at the U.S. Army War College encouraged students to examine a topic relevant to the development and implementation of Army initiatives in 2025 and beyond. Loosely modeled on a series of "Army After Next" studies conducted by U.S. Army War College students in the late 1990s, the course is designed to leverage student experience, research and thought to provide recommendations to senior Army leaders on key Army futures issues. The pathway for the AY15 Seminar was built upon our exploration of a central idea - a guiding principle. Grounded by the framework provided in the October 2014 Army Operating Concept, the Seminar explored the fundamental question:

"What kind of Army does the nation need in 2025 and beyond?"

This compendium represents 23 students' peek into the Army of 2025+. Some ideas and recommendations are specific and affect narrow slices of the Army; others are broad and span multiple services or components. Some are tactical; others strategic. Some very aspirational; others very practical. Regardless, they are the thoughts of strategic thinkers who have embraced their responsibility to help posture the enterprise for the future by thinking and writing about tough issues. The enterprise is better for their effort.

Collins Center Update, Volume 17, Issue 4 (Summer 2015)

Articles in this issue include:
Shaping the Environment: Combined/Joint Force Land Component Commander Course 3-15 (C/JFLCC 3-15)
ISCNE Program: Continuing to Challenge Participants while Retooling Focus
Army Wargaming Community of Practice Workshop
Electromagnetic Spectrum Maneuver Workshop
Mission Command Network (MCN) Wargame
CSL's Strategic Simulation Division Up and Running
An Experiment in Support of the Gettysburg Battlefield Staff Ride
China Futures II Wargame: Hypothetical Conflict between the United States and People's Republic of China

Collins Center Update, Volume 17, Issue 3 (Spring 2015)

Articles in this issue include:

Executive Leader Course 15-02
Sustaining Professionalism: USAWC Strategic Planning Support to Burkina Faso
Strategy Education Conference, May 2015
Northwest Africa Wargame Informs AFRICOM Planning
The Heritage Foundation on U.S. Military Strength
USAWC's Homeland Defense and Security Community of Interest

Collins Center Update, Volume 17, Issue 2 (Winter 2015)

Articles in this issue include: "Senior Leader Seminar 15-01", "Preparing to Win in a Complex World: Combined/Joint Force Land Component Commander Course 2-15", "China Futures Wargame Examines U.S. and PRC Interests", "Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Exercise Program", "Cyber Sovereignty Policy Workshop", "Supporting Djibouti's National Vision 2015: Building a 'Whole of Government' Strategy", "International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise Program Goes Digital", "The International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE): Developing Leaders for 13+ Years", "Workshop Examines the Human Elements", "U.S. Army War College Support to U.S. Army Africa"


Collins Center Update, Volume 17, Issue 1 (Fall 2014)

Articles in this issue include: "Executive Leader Course", "Visionary Support to Argonne National Laboratory", "Land Component Command in a Complex World", "Support to CENTCOM: Theater Security Cooperation and the UAE", "FDIC Cyber Revelation and Cyber Security", "Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: Flexibility of the Strategic Leaders Staff Ride Program", "SIMULEX 2014" and "NATO Futures Wargame Examines NATO Challenges." Open the publication

Collins Center Update, Volume 16, Issue 4 (Fall 2014)

Articles in this issue include: "The Strategic Broadening Program", "Strategic Leader Staff Ride Program Update", "Supporting Djibouti's National Vision 2015: Developing a National Military Strategy", "Combined/Joint Force Land Component Commander (C/JFLCC) Course 3-14", "Strategic Assessments and Operations Division", "Strategy Education Conference", "Unified Quest Deep Futures Wargame", and "USAWC Support to U.S. Army Central Command."

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Collins Center Update, Volume 16, Issue 3 (Summer 2014)

Articles in this double issue include: "Senior Leader Staff Ride Program Update", "USAWC and Army Heritage and Education Center (AHEC) Drawdown Conference", "International Alumni Peace and Security Course (IAPSC)", "Wargame Looks at the Crisis in Ukraine", "The Futures Seminar", "Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Exercise Program Concludes 32nd Year with Largest Class", and "Strengthening the Professionalism of the Burkina Faso Armed Forces: Building a National Military Strategy." Open the publication


Futures Seminar - The United States Army in 2025 and Beyond

Academic Year 2014 (AY14) marked the inaugural year for the Futures Seminar - an elective course offered to resident students during the Term II elective period (Feb-Mar 2014) at the U.S. Army War College (USAWC). The 17 students who participated in the Futures Seminar were a true cross-section of the Army. Active duty, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Department of the Army Civilians - the class was well represented across all segments and greatly benefited from the diversity of ideas as well as experiences. But all the students did share one common belief - that the Army once again stands at a transition point; now is the time for honest introspection and bold ideas. These papers represent 17 different recommendations by 17 different Army War College Students. In their words they look to add one small bit of perspective to one small piece of the very large question, "What kind of Army will we need in 2025 and beyond?" Open the publication


Collins Center Update Volume 16, Issues 1 and 2 (Fall 2013 and Winter 2014)

Articles in this double issue include: "CSLD Hosts Inaugural Senior Leaders Seminar Phase II Pilot Course", "Wargame Considers Policy Options for Afghanistan beyond 2014", "Wargame Examines Ways to Assist Iraq in Becoming Secure, Stable, and Self Reliant", "Combined/Joint Force Land Component Commander (C/JFLCC) Course 2-14", "Senior Leader Staff Ride Program Concludes Another Successful Year", and "International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise Program Continues to Expand and Adapt." Open the publication

US Army

Senior Leader Seminar

Senior Leader Seminar (SLS): Senior Leader Development Course, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The Program, initiated by Senior Leader Development (SLD), Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) and resourced by the Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), will enhance the preparation of select Colonels and Department of the Army Civilians (GS15) for assignments to key positions as advisors and staff officers to general officers and senior civilian leaders.

This course is an extension of their career-long professional development; focusing on contemporary issues facing the Army at the National level, in an ever more challenging joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) environment. Developed as a complement to the Army's Strategic Leader Development Program (ASLDP) for general officers, SLS is comparable to pre-command course preparation for select senior leaders designated to serve in critical National level assignments. It provides an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, insights, skills, and abilities for successfully navigating the vague, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous political terrain that they are about to enter, in executing their own duties, as well as advising, assisting, and supporting the Army's strategic leadership. Points of contact at SLD Branch, CSL, USAWC are Prof (COL [R]) Al Bourque, alan.bourque@us.army.mil; Prof (COL [R]) James Wade (Jim) Shufelt, james.w.shufelt3.civ@mail.mil; and Mr. Pat Cohn, patrick.cohn@us.army.mil

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