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Futures Seminar - The United States Army in 2025 and Beyond

Academic Year 2014 (AY14) marked the inaugural year for the Futures Seminar - an elective course offered to resident students during the Term II elective period (Feb-Mar 2014) at the U.S. Army War College (USAWC). The 17 students who participated in the Futures Seminar were a true cross-section of the Army. Active duty, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Department of the Army Civilians - the class was well represented across all segments and greatly benefited from the diversity of ideas as well as experiences. But all the students did share one common belief - that the Army once again stands at a transition point; now is the time for honest introspection and bold ideas. These papers represent 17 different recommendations by 17 different Army War College Students. In their words they look to add one small bit of perspective to one small piece of the very large question, "What kind of Army will we need in 2025 and beyond?"  Click here for more information.

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